Reviews, both negative and positive, are constantly being written and keeping a close eye on hundreds of sites is a nearly impossible task. But not with Internet Reputation Protector. Our team of experienced online reputation management professionals monitors these sites to protect your business from the impact of negative reviews.

Monitor Reviews

As reviews are being published online, we are monitoring them to ensure your business is protected. There are all kinds of review sites out there and it is our job to make sure there are no negative reviews lurking in the corner. Because any negative review, no matter where it is, can be bad for business.

With Internet Reputation Protector on your side, you don’t have to live in fear of the occasional bad review. You can rest assured knowing that reviews are constantly being monitored and reported and your brand’s reputation can continue to grow online. Additionally, your business’s online performance will be running at optimum levels, especially in the areas where it matters most.


Use Insights from Reviews


On either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we will collect and analyze information from these reviews so you will be able to see which parts of your business customers are talking about most and be able to identify and address problem areas. Both public and private reviews are collected so that you can better understand your audience as a whole.

These reviews are brought in from hundreds of review sites and can be sorted and stored in a variety of ways, allowing us to determine which sites are attracting the most positive sentiment and which are drawing negative attention. From there, we will work together to create an actionable plan to decide the best moves for your business’s online reputation.

Respond in Real-Time

With Internet Reputation Protector, you can respond to customers in real time to control your brand’s message and turn a potential problem into a customer service success story. A negative review won’t sit for days until you find it and leave a bad impression on potential customers. You will receive notification right away and be able to address the concern and show people that you go the extra mile to make things right. What was once a negative review, is now a boost to your online reputation.

On the other hand, if the customer leaves a stellar review, you can show much you appreciate your customers and make the most of the opportunity. It is not uncommon that an unhappy customer will share their experiences, but when a happy customer takes the time out of his or her day to post a positive review for you online, you need to acknowledge them. We will help you address both the worst and the best reviews in order to continue building and sustaining your online reputation.